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Nucleus Colonies

Nucleus Colonies

Our nucleus colonies are some of the most hygienic strains of honeybees, making them more varroa mite resistant then most sub-species. While producing a large honey crop every year, these gentle bees are also easy to work with. All queens are over-wintered in Wisconsin and have never traveled outside the state, making them cold tolerant to our climate.

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Queen Bees

Our Buckfast bees have the genetics of the Western Black and Italian honeybees. Our queens that you can purchase through our nucleus colony offer, are selected for gentleness, mite resistance, and honey production.

Pricing & Ordering

All nucs are $145 plus tax, with a limit of 10 nucs per customer. Full payment can be made by filling out this ORDER FORM and mailing a check made out Augustine Apiary Acres (use pick up location address to send). A minimum down payment of $100 per colony secures your order. The remainder of the balance can be paid during pickup by cash or card only (no checks accepted at pickup). Credit Card payments are accepted, but with an additional 3% processing fee.

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