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Bee & Wasp Removal

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Swarm (bee) Removal

Sometimes honey bees swarm, it's their way to reproduce a new colony each year and rear a new queen. When this happens, the old queen leaves the hive and take about half the colony with her. Whenever you see a group of bees clustered around a tree branch, they may just decide to leave as quickly as they came. If they decide to stick around, but you would like to safe these pollinators, give us call. We are happy to take these bees and give them a new home.

Sometimes wasp like to make a nest to close to home, sometimes even on your home in the corners by the roof. These wasps or hornets can be a nusence, especially having kids around, or if they decided to make their home in a highly traffic area. Augustine Apiary Acres will remove the hive and relocate their nest far from where you live.

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Wasp Nest Removal

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